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About Us

Kolhsys is one of the fastest growing IT consulting company. We are specialized in Web development and recruitment in the niche and emerging technology markets. Our expert teams provide consultancy services and build robust, scalable software solutions with cutting edge technology and process-oriented approach. Our Application and database support capability provides global support options for Development and Production environment helping our client with content updates.


Focusing on the APAC region, Kolhsys Technology is now registered in Australia as Kolhsys Pvt Ltd. Our goal is to grow in Australia given a huge demand in digital transformation, application, and E-commerce developments.


Our mission is to empower organisations unlock huge potential of digital transformation by
delivering innovative and proactive solutions.

To simplify and be the best in making IT affordable for organisations on their digital transformation

At Kolhsys, we are committed to deliver outstanding values to our clients and believe in Win-Win
partnerships. Our core strength is based on four pillars - Passion, Integrity, Teamwork and Simplicity.




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