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Management Consulting Services

Kolhsys offers various Management Services in QMS and ISO certifications. We have dedicated team of consultants and professionals  who assists organizations to get on journey towards quality management system (QMS)  alignment with the ISO standards. Activities and service provided are geared towards not only achieving ISO certifications but also ensuring that the organization maintains a robust quality management system to continuously improves and adapt to meet evolving standards and business needs.

Some of the service provided are : 

  • Conduct Initial Assessment of existing process / systems 

  • Conduct Training and Workshops at various levels 

  • Conduct Gap Analysis and Develop a strategic action plan 

  • Conduct internal audits periodically to assess the compliance and effectiveness and recommend corrective actions. 

  • Assist in creating and reviewing necessary documentation such as quality manuals, procedures, etc.

  • Provide ongoing support, advice, and guidance to maintain compliance with ISO standards. 

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