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Salesforce Certifications (Part 1)

New to Salesforce Certifications? No to worry, below is everything you will need to know about the well in demand Certifications offering from Salesforce. To simplify the wide and the exhaustive list of credentials, we have divided the certification pathways in 3 parts series. We will start with Administrator and Developer exam followed by Architect and Designer and conclude the series with other credentials that Salesforce has to offer.

Salesforce Building in San Francisco skylines

A frequently asked question from candidates is if the certifications of specific technologies such as Salesforce is really worth it? Does certification automatically land someone on a job? are there any short cuts to get the certifications? does the dumps help? I am sure there are many questions in your mind about certifications and this attempt is to help in bridging that knowledge gap in understanding on the certification topic with focus on Salesforce. The blog covers the some of the major aspects of certification including how much a certification will cost and also if there are in prerequisite.

The value of Salesforce Certifications:

In the IT industry today continue to evolve, one of the reasons for IT professional to be up speed is a "must have" and not "could have" thing, And Its for the same reason that Salesforce certifications are so critical and in high demand. Salesforce offers a diverse range of job opportunities, spanning from technical roles such as architects, developers, and implementation experts, to positions that focus on marketing and sales. The necessary level of expertise in the Salesforce platform varies across each role. There are many valid reasons on why Salesforce Certifications are worth it but the main reason per my understanding is that it Increases productivity and efficiency at the job; By becoming Salesforce certified, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the platform's features and capabilities, empowering you to maximize its potential. This, in turn, can enhance your productivity and overall job performance by enabling you to utilize the most appropriate tools for each task.

Certification Pathways

Salesforce certifications are designed to align with specific roles and job functions. There are mainly 7 major categories Administrator, Architect, Consultant, Designer, Developer, Marketer and Sales Professional.

Each role-based certification is designed to test and validate specific skills and knowledge required for success in that particular role.

Below is the list of certifications offering from Salesforce:

Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce Administrators, also known as Admins, play a critical role in resolving business challenges by tailoring the Salesforce Platform to meet specific requirements. Through collaboration with stakeholders, Admins customize the platform and empower users to utilize Salesforce to its fullest potential. As a Salesforce Administrator, one would construct, configure, and automate technological solutions to drive business success, with responsibilities ranging from user support and data management to providing insightful analytics. The Salesforce administrator certification is focused on developing proficiency in administrative functions such as defining user needs, platform customization, and maximizing user adoption of Salesforce.


Salesforce Administrator Credentials

Salesforce Developer Credentials

Salesforce Developers have the ability to create both code and no-code applications without sacrificing quality. They utilize Salesforce technology and a variety of industry-standard tools to provide customers with innovative experiences that solve complex business problems.

Salesforce developer is capable of constructing solutions for a specific enterprise business problem using Salesforce technology. They possess the skills to analyze and comprehend business requirements, and then choose the best solution from the available low-code and code Salesforce technologies. Their creations are of high quality, perform exceptionally well in cloud-based environments, and seamlessly integrate with external systems.

To excel in this field, a successful Salesforce developer must possess a mix of technical and soft skills. Whether you are looking to expand your skill set or advance your career, we have compiled a list of the most sought-after developer skills. These skills include low-code automation, data modeling, programming languages, unit testing, design patterns, APIs and integration, DevOps, CI/CD, and Agile methodologies.

Below is the list of Developer certifications that Salesforce currently offers:

Salesforce Developer Credentials

Salesforce Sales Representative Credentials

Salesforce Certified Sales Representative candidates build strong relationships with their customers, guarantee deal success by collaborating with account teams, executive sponsors, and stakeholders, and take full ownership of the sales process by strategizing, executing, and analyzing their business. To become a Salesforce Certified Sales Representative, one should possess extensive knowledge of the sales process, including planning, customer and prospect research, deal and pipeline management, and forecasting. They should also have the ability to close deals by delivering value and placing the customer at the center of the process.

Below are more details including objectives based on which candidates are evaluated in the exam:

Salesforce Sales Representative Credentials

As you have seen above the part 1 of the series covers 3 major credentials that Salesforce offers, we will cover the architect and designer related course in Part 2 .

Remember, there is no shortcuts , study well, watch demo's , get hands-on, try out functionality in sandbox. Trailheads help and Developer documentation provided by Salesforce is the best source for every topics that exam covers. You can also test your knowledge based on some course available in Udemy. Kolhsys has few courses that you can take advantage. One of the salesforce related practice test set course and can be accessed using below link:

Your feedback , suggestions are always welcome. If you have an specific question on any of the exam topic feel free to reach out and we will do our best to provide information to the best of our ability.


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